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6 Steps to Take Pre-Web CMS Upgrade

It’s not surprising when you look at the current landscape of content management systems that many companies are reevaluating their use of web CMS technologies and experience platforms.

That’s because many of their systems were probably put in place during the last five to seven years when web CMS was just starting to hit maturity and companies were just beginning to focus on the web’s potential as a lead generation engine.

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Data Insights as Innovations: Six Keys to a Successful Data Initiative

In the first post of the Data as an Asset blog series, Quisitive looked at why data is often a challenge for even the most proficient companies, and how its data science team, led by Chief Data Scientist James Roberts and Data Science Strategist Shannon Ragland, developed strategies to start viewing and using data as an asset to solve business problems. For any data initiative, a business undertakes, what is first needed is a solid foundation on which to move forward. This ensures that the end product provides a high-quality, predictive outcome that is both actionable and implementable. Quisitive’s...

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Data as an Asset: Quisitive’s Approach to Data Management for Business Success

For even the most competent teams, data can be a struggle. In today’s world, we collect massive amounts of information and hope to consolidate, interpret and leverage it to better meet our business goals. Often times, data is also sought out to identify what is hindering achievement of targets, whether customer-driven, such as a loss of revenue, or internally focused, like high staff turnover or leadership change. However, even with seemingly endless amounts of data at our fingertips, we often do not know where to begin or how to use data to drive improvement. It is in this grey...

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