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Microsoft Gold Partner Quisitive Rolls Out Azure Assessment Program Focused On ‘De-Mystifying’ The Cloud

Published on CRN by Gina Narcisi Quisitive has been a Microsoft Gold partner for years, but the solution provider is now doubling down on cloud services and helping customers get there with a new Microsoft Azure assessment program. In addition to enjoying its elite-level partner status, Quisitive is a Microsoft National Solution Provider, Customer Engagement Alliance Member, and serves on the Partner Advisory Council and Azure Blockchain Advisor. Quisitive is a pure-play Microsoft cloud partner, Steven Balusek, Quisitive’s chief services officer, told CRN. Quisitive’s customer base consists of midsize to Fortune 100 companies in financial services, manufacturing, retail and health care. The solution provider has been actively working on “de-mystifying” the move to the cloud for its customers because it’s not a matter of if they move to the cloud anymore, it’s when and how, Balusek said. “Cloud is penetrating all areas of many kinds of businesses. For us, it’s about bringing a breadth of understanding of how the cloud can be used to optimize our customers’ businesses, and help drive innovation and cost savings,” he said. To that end, Quisitive’s Microsoft Azure Cloud Assessment Program walks customers through the business case for moving various applications and business processes to the cloud. The six-week program includes a cloud migration plan, cloud ROI analysis, and a road map for moving cloud applications in the future. The Dallas-based company is one...

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Fusion Agiletech Partners acquires Quisitive, plans IPO

Published on by Kirk Falconer Canadian private equity firm Fusion Agiletech Partners has acquired Quisitive LLC, a Dallas-based full-service digital technology consulting business. No financial terms were released. The buy will fund investments in blockchain product innovation and acquisitions of IT service companies that support Quisitive’s North American growth strategy over the next two years. With the deal, Fusion Agiletech becomes the parent company of Quisitive and will be led by Mike Reinhart, Quisitive’s CEO and president. Reinhart will help steer Toronto-based Fusion Agiletech’s plans to go public in Canada in 2018. Link to Full Article:

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Fusion Agiletech acquires Quisitive, plans IPO in 2018

Published on by Ted Liu Fusion Agiletech Partners, Inc. has acquired Quisitive, LLC, Dallas, Texas based digital technology consulting firm. Financial terms were not disclosed. Under the terms of the agreement, Toronto baed Fusion Agiletech, will oversee Quisitive’s Microsoft-aligned IT services strategy and the product development strategy, and intends to go public in Canada in 2018. Mike Reinhart, President and CEO of Quisitive, will become CEO of Fusion Agiletech and will remain President of Quisitive. Quisitive will continue to be based in Dallas. Fusion Agiletech Partners is building one of North America’s largest capabilities in customer-oriented information technology solutions, specializing in blockchain and transformative technologies, strategy and management consulting, agile software development, digital transformation, cloud and data analytics, and is a key Microsoft partner. The acquisition will fund investments in blockchain product innovation and acquisitions of IT services firms that will drive Quisitive’s growth strategy to build one of the industry’s largest Microsoft Consulting Services firms over the next two years, bringing high value to Microsoft and their customers. Quisitive will focus investments in acquisition of Microsoft-focused IT services firms that expand its geographical footprint across North America, specialize in key vertical markets that include the financial services, oil and gas and manufacturing industries, and deepen its expertise and innovation in blockchain, cloud and agile development technologies. “I’ve invested in Microsoft technologies and leadership for more than 25...

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What A Retail Bank Learned About The Value Of Persistent Teams In Digital Transformation

What A Retail Bank Learned About The Value Of Persistent Teams In Digital Transformation by Peter Bendor-Samuel In digital transformation, it’s an undeniable fact that many companies end up getting nowhere close to hitting their goal. But a major US retail bank undertook a highly strategic project to build the back-end support system for a digital payments transaction platform, and it achieved outstanding results. A compelling high level of productivity. A superb product that delivers competitive differentiation. Plus, the system was delivered in agile, fast way, and the overall total cost outcome was very low. How did the bank achieve this outcome when many companies fail to get traction in digital transformation? I want to share with you how the project played out because I believe the bank’s experience illustrates the future of IT services. Typically, companies hire a third-party service provider or system integrator (SI) to build a new system and then hire that provider to take over the running of the system. Historically, companies repeat this pattern over and over again. But the business world is changing as far as how organizations achieve value and competitive differentiation, and embracing a new talent model is critical to success. As I previously blogged, a large retail bank wanted to implement a digital payments platform. After several attempts internally and with SIs to build the back-end system to support a...

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Quisitive Featured in CMS Wire

6 Steps to Take Pre-Web CMS Upgrade

It’s not surprising when you look at the current landscape of content management systems that many companies are reevaluating their use of web CMS technologies and experience platforms.

That’s because many of their systems were probably put in place during the last five to seven years when web CMS was just starting to hit maturity and companies were just beginning to focus on the web’s potential as a lead generation engine.

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Data Insights as Innovations: Six Keys to a Successful Data Initiative

In the first post of the Data as an Asset blog series, Quisitive looked at why data is often a challenge for even the most proficient companies, and how its data science team, led by Chief Data Scientist James Roberts and Data Science Strategist Shannon Ragland, developed strategies to start viewing and using data as an asset to solve business problems. For any data initiative, a business undertakes, what is first needed is a solid foundation on which to move forward. This ensures that the end product provides a high-quality, predictive outcome that is both actionable and implementable. Quisitive’s...

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Data as an Asset: Quisitive’s Approach to Data Management for Business Success

For even the most competent teams, data can be a struggle. In today’s world, we collect massive amounts of information and hope to consolidate, interpret and leverage it to better meet our business goals. Often times, data is also sought out to identify what is hindering achievement of targets, whether customer-driven, such as a loss of revenue, or internally focused, like high staff turnover or leadership change. However, even with seemingly endless amounts of data at our fingertips, we often do not know where to begin or how to use data to drive improvement. It is in this grey...

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