Author: William Oellermann

Avoid the Trap of Mistaking Modernization for Digital Transformation

It is now quite common to hear or read about an IT project or product that is positioned as evidence of an organization’s digital transformation journey. Often the project is based on the modernization of some legacy system or application and while there may be obvious justification for the initiative, I am seeing more and more instances where the association with digital transformation is a bit dubious and the outcome isn’t meeting the right expectations. There is certainly an eagerness to join the digital transformation wave, but I believe there is also a misdirected understanding that digital transformation is simply...

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Is Digital Transformation Real?

Over the past year I have had numerous conversations with colleagues and customers discussing the meaning of Digital Transformation. Is it a strategy? Is it only relevant to startups? Does it apply to my industry? Is it a new name for enterprise improvement? Is it about enabling innovation? Is it adopting new technology? While you could answer all the above or throw in the classic consulting response of “it depends” – I have found that this exercise isn’t very meaningful. This is because these conversations don’t address the more important question. Instead of seeking to answer, “What is or isn’t Digital Transformation”, we must dig deeper to...

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