Author: Weldon Boley

You Said What?! Language Drives Company Interaction

Think back to all of those times where you were engaged in conversation and afterward you think back and wish that you would have said something differently or have responded in a different way.  Every time this has happened to me in the past I have been aggravated and at the time I always say to myself, okay next time, next time I will get it right.  Unfortunately, it is often times too late, especially with those people you only get one shot of being in front of.  In a previous blog, I discussed the steps I recognized to...

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Obsess in Your Work

There are times as young adults where we may think we have everything figured out, and what we want to do for the rest of our lives.  That’s great for those that do, but I am not one of those people.  For me it’s about having a base and having the confidence that I started my career exactly where I wanted to.  Through that, I believe my true life’s passion will be carved from the work I do day-to-day. “Don’t do work for recognition, but do work worthy of recognition” – Jackson Brown, Jr. Think about all of the...

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Start Your Career Right

It has been 66 days since the official start of my career. In my final semester at Texas Christian University I had the opportunity to intern with Quisitive, a digital technology consulting company. That experience ended with a job offer and I am now 66 days into my first job. Quisitive, whom is driven in part by the ideal of “starting right” with the work we do, instills this same practice within all employees to follow suit in their endeavors. As I began to think about how I would “start my career” right, I turned to Google and quickly...

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