Author: Mike Reinhart

Fostering an Environment for Change

As I have shared in my latest blog posts, Transformation can be a tough journey to embark on if your organization, employees, clients and partners aren’t ready. As we embarked upon this journey of transformation with the launch of Quisitive, I realized that while we were creating a buzz about the business changing, the day-to-day would still look very much the same for many of our employees, clients and partners, at least for a while. So the big question was, how could we make sure our employees continued to feel valued even though they weren’t quite yet part of...

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Transformation is a Journey, Not a Destination

As I shared in my latest post, Transformation Starts at the Top, I believe you cannot transform an organization until you transform your leadership. As that shift happens it is important to understand that creating transformation within an organization cannot be viewed as a single-point destination. True organizational transformation will drive continual change in an iterative process that evolves over time. If that process stops, you’ve stopped growing. First, the culture must support the journey, meaning you must help your employees to embrace change and ambiguity. In our industry many people want to know the detailed project plan and...

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Transformation Starts at the Top

Over the last three to four years, as the concept of digital transformation took hold and the Cloud continued to redefine business ecosystems, I began to see that we needed to change our traditional approach of servicing our customers. The tools we used, the skills we needed, those things needed to change because our clients needed more – they needed a partner who could break down the barriers to business innovation rather than defaulting to technology as a standalone fix. So I embarked upon a transformation journey, telling our teams that we needed to do things differently, and that...

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