Author: Kelli Ward

ROI on employee collaboration tools – it’s more than you think

From recruiting to on-boarding to collaboration and knowledge management, there’s a cost associated with every step of an employee’s journey. When I speak with companies about how they are transforming their digital tools to better engage their employees, they often ask me, “What is my ROI for spending so much on something that has no revenues to recoup?” Leaders must put numbers to everything. So how do you make the case for those large investments that don’t correlate direct revenue? Break it down at a per employee cost level and highlight the productivity gains in terms of dollars and cents....

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Buzzword Bingo: Change Management

Don’t lie – we’ve all played it.  You’re sitting in company and client meetings, and you mentally twitch every time you hear a buzzword.  You cringe when it’s used improperly.  For me, one of those buzzwords is change management.  Not organizational change management – that’s an entirely different ballgame.  I’m talking about process and project change management. Companies are finally jumping on the Change Management bandwagon.  Unfortunately, many of them don’t know exactly what that means.  Once they do catch on, they often think it is successful as long as they’re able to mark off boxes and logically advance...

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