Author: Jason Estes

Outdated technology can mean winning at digital marketing

As a digital leader, if you are sitting there with an outdated content management system (CMS) or a roll-your-own application that you have duct taped and bubble gummed until all that exists anymore is the tape and gum, do not fret. First off, you are not alone, there are numerous companies, and even organizations seen as digital leaders, that are in a similar situation. In fact, through our close partnership with Sitecore, we believe that nearly 60-75% of the Sitecore installs are at least one major version behind the current release, if not two. That’s a ton of companies...

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Why you are probably failing at web personalization

Digital marketing has continued to explode with capabilities that allow marketers to get ever closer to the pinnacle of one-to-one marketing communications. The technology landscape to enable these new capabilities has matched lockstep and in fact has in many cases been the enabler of the new capabilities. One look at Scott Brinker’s Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic shows just how much that landscape has evolved in the last five years, from a few hundred to well over 3,000 vendors. Marketers have been quick to gobble up these new technologies, adding them into their available bag of tactics to help coerce...

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How to hack your MarTech stack

Most likely over the last 5 years you have invested tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in the latest emerging marketing technologies – email marketing, social media, A/B testing, account based marketing, CRM, digital asset management, etc. – starting to sound familiar? Here we are five years later and you now have an ecosystem of disparate systems that are all managing content of various types through separate interfaces. While your intentions were noble, trying to enable your marketers to have the latest and greatest tools to do their job, you have inadvertently created a system...

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