Author: James Roberts

Why Data Projects Fail | No Data Strategy

Ever feel like the deck is stacked against you? Or the house of cards you’ve built is about to fall at your feet? We hear this a lot from companies who are frustrated with the state of their most recent data initiatives—whether they are stuck mining through an overwhelming amount of data without a clear sense of direction, trying to determine why their reports don’t pass the sniff test (i.e., the numbers don’t seem accurate at face value), or coming to the realization that the time and resources budgeted for a data project are overwhelmingly inadequate. We frequently encounter...

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Seven Business Goals for Deriving Value from Data

At Quisitive, we subscribe to the philosophy that data is an essential asset of any business. Unfortunately, data sometimes gets a bad rap, which is perhaps understandable. Many businesses become reliant on dated technologies to store and organize expanses of historical data. They also struggle to manage and consolidate multiple data sources and often green-light indiscriminate data projects that, instead of reaping insights, simply leave teams and leaders frustrated. These data challenges, a common topic in our Data as an Asset blog series, were discussed in our most recent post where we offered tips for beginning a successful data...

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